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As one of the few screenwriting competitions for the LGBTQ community, our aim is to discover and recognize the best emerging talent and most original voices from our community in film and television writing from around the world. We are proud to be LGBTQ and even prouder to support the LGBTQ community. Members from our community have long been known for being the best artists in the world and we want to not only recognize them for that, but to support them in being talented as well as a member of our community. We go out of our way to find great new talent and place top new screenwriters firmly on the industry’s radar by designating them as finalists and winners in our competition representing the heart of the motion picture industry.


We also accept scripts from writers of all shapes and sizes from all background and all countries. You can be any ethnicity and be of any sexual orientation. You do not even have to be "out" to enter. You just have to be a friend of our community to enter. And to win, you simply have to write a great script. Writers are like snowflakes, no two are ever the same, as such no two stories are ever the same. We love them all as long as they are good.


Working as a writer is one of the toughest things in the world to do, but if you’ve got the talent, we can get you the recognition you deserve and get you working as a writer instead of just looking for work.

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The Gay and Lesbian communities have been a vibrant force in Hollywood for decades and in the arts for centuries and we felt it was about time we had our own screenwriting festival. Not enough stories are being told about our communities so the LGBTQ Screenwriting Competition was founded to further the craft of screenwriting in and about the LGBTQ community and to inspire and support writers and producers looking to produce more film and television projects about our communities. So if you've written a great project about our community or you are simply a talented writer who is a member of our community please submit your project today!




Our competition’s winners will be personally introduced to at least three gay friendly talent agents and or producers from around the world. These are agents and managers not only looking for the next generation of talented writers and writer/producers, they are people who are our allies and are looking to support the LGBTQ community in any way that they can.


Winter 2019 Winners

Grand Prize Winner - Summer 2019

Out of Nowhere by Matthew Barker

Finalists - Winter 2019

The Shroud Trinity by Frank McEvoy

Boy Most Wanted by Tuck Tucker

Semi Finalists - Winter 2019

Last Man Standing by J Woodard

Without Borders by Jen Russi & Chris Gebhardt

Loving Out Loud by Christina Inserra

Hyacinth by Marcin Ciaston

Small Steps in Black Birkenstocks by Alexia Kosmider & Marianne Messina

Term Limits by Spencer Janes

Piano Lessons by Nevada McPherson

The Mentor by Andrew Stone & Meredith Gerson Levine

Le Mecano by Lukas Hassel

Woodbridge by Michael C Bryan

2-12-Delta by David Brichetto

Revelations by M Tylicki





If you would like more information about supporting the festival, supporting the LGBTQ community, or information on how to invest in LGBTQ films, or would like to contact the festival for any other reason please use the contact form below.

If you’ve got the talent, we will get you the recognition you deserve and the rest is up to you.

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