Previous Winners

Previous Winners

Winter 2019 Winners

We are proud to announce this year's winners.

Winter 2019 Winners

Grand Prize Winner - Summer 2019

Out of Nowhere by Matthew Barker

Finalists - Winter 2019

The Shroud Trinity by Frank McEvoy

Boy Most Wanted by Tuck Tucker

Semi Finalists - Winter 2019

Last Man Standing by J Woodard

Without Borders by Jen Russi & Chris Gebhardt

Loving Out Loud by Christina Inserra

Hyacinth by Marcin Ciaston

Small Steps in Black Birkenstocks by Alexia Kosmider & Marianne Messina

Term Limits by Spencer Janes

Piano Lessons by Nevada McPherson

The Mentor by Andrew Stone & Meredith Gerson Levine

Le Mecano by Lukas Hassel

Woodbridge by Michael C Bryan

2-12-Delta by David Brichetto

Revelations by M Tylicki


Summer 2018 Winners

Last year's winners were distributed to over 50 industry professionals and all three finalists received multiple personal introductions to top industry professionals.

"Great people, responsive and get results - within a week of getting notice I was a finalist, they were sending my script to contacts in the industry. thank you for supporting LGBTQ artists!"

"I'm very delighted to reap the laurels in LGBTQ Screenwriting Competition in the Summer of 2018 ! I'm proud of LGBTQ Community!"

"Great experience! I'm so honored to be included in your festival! Thank you."

Grand Prize Winner - Summer 2018

Sky Blue by Daron Weiss

Finalists - Summer 2018

Slaves to the Rhythm by Terry Connell

My Father's Worst Nightmare by Joe Russo

Semi Finalists - Summer 2018

Choking Back the Tears by Oren Weitz

Remembering Liz by Joan Beilstein

One Night at the Morrison by Joan Beilstein

Armor by Bryant K. Daluz

Lala Love Dream by Chi Hsiu Chen

CheapKillers .com by Jaclyn Chan

Homo $hit Show by Ian Rand and Josh Powell

Kinky Grace by Mitchell Ganem

Dream Big by Gabriel Thibodeau

Alien Allies by Emily Harper

All My Friends Are Gay by Raul Martin Romero

Blindsided by Nancy Langer

The Homo Heroes by Todd Anthony Nunes

STAND! A San Francisco Story by Kip Pearson

The Plan by Andrew Stone